Braille2000: Braille Production Technology for the New Millennium

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"Computer Application Specialties" is now "Braille2000, LLC"

Braille2000, LLC
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Braille2000 is a comprehensive tool for producing braille. Braille2000 is fully Internet-aware, making it as simple as a mouse click to send a braille document to a braille production center, to a school, to a blind student, or to a fellow transcriber.

Braille2000 is fully compatible with ED-IT PC and is able to read and write .ABT kinds of files. But Braille2000 with its New Millennium technology is XML aware: you can read and write braille XML files as well as translate XML print text into braille.

Braille2000 is for Windows95*, Windows98, WindowsME, Windows2000, WindowsXP, WindowsVISTA, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, and Windows10.

To order a license, use the secure inquiry page or send e-mail to "sales at" or phone (402) 423-4782. Please supply name, address, phone. Do not send credit card data as all card payments are handled on-line by PayPal.

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The current release is 2.29.

New! Braille2000 can speak... it can say
  . the narrative of contracted braille
  . the braille cells at the cursor
  . the dot numbers for those cells
  . the cursor position in the document
  . keys or cells entered during editing
  . menu items
  . dialog box items
  . document properties (file name, if modified, etc.)
  . paragraph style (indent and runover, if centered)
  . the braille code being used
  . everything the visually impaired transcriber needs to know to do detailed work
Braille2000: The Talking Edition is self-voicing... use with or without a screen reader
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